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Double way ejection

So many aspects of food packages can be affected by non-conformities, such as inclusions inside of the sealing, mistakes in printed data, misplacements of labels and top films, low readability of the barcode, poor quality of the product. For this reason, the possibility of redirecting the packages according to the nature of the defect is important. Some defects require reopening the package, while others only need to remove a badly applied label. By means of VT-RJ2p67, Viewtech double-way ejector, it is possible to set up the direction of the package, on the base of the gravity of the defect.

There are two gravity inspection outcome codes, which correspond to the two ejection ways: assigning the one or the other code, the package is pushed to the suitable ejection bin, from which is either discharged or adjusted. The ejection works with either an airflow and a piston system: packages of all weights can be handled, making VT-RJ2p67 suitable for lines featuring a highly differentiated product selection.

Protection rating

Ejection type

Air blow, Pusher