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VT-Match Office PC Version

Offline PC version of Viewtech inspection software


VTMatch Office PC Version is an exclusive software for the off-line management of Viewtech inspection control files – the recipes. Once the inspection system has acquired the images of the packagings to control, it’s possible to load them directly on VTMatch Office PC Version. The software can process such images just like the actual machine, performing all the controls necessary for the inspection.

VTMatch Office PC Version is exactly the same software installed on Viewtech inspection systems, with the only difference that it can be used directly from the office. It allows the complete access to the management of the recipes to run on your VTxxx7, with no need of an internet connection. Thanks to a simple copy & paste operation, the recipes saved on the machine can be used on another computer: it’s possible in this way to modify the control parameters and fine-tune the recipe directly in the office, far from the noisy and chaotic production environment.