Safety is never enough, especially when it comes to food.

Viewtech knows it, commits daily to ensure the highest effectiveness in sorting food packages, developing stand-alone solutions based on vision inspection to automate the quality control procedures.

Since its establishment, Viewtech  works to provide the most advanced vision technologies to apply to the food industry. Viewtech’s solutions are acknowledged worldwide and grant reliability, completeness and repeatability of  controls, checking every aspect of the packaging, from the welding to the barcode, from the labels to the expiry date.

Viewtech had the chance to refine its systems thanks to the experience gained in working in demanding contexts like the American or North-European markets, where the quality standards are the highest.

Until now, the human operator has always been in charge of the quality control, condition that leads to high costs and inevitable discontinuity in the control results. All Viewtech systems perform repeatable and certifiable controls on food packages, granting the selection of only those responding to certain quality standards. By means of a real time vision inspection, the packages are analysed from the point of view of the correctness and of the presence of foreign  bodies. Noncompliant items will be discarded from the production line.

High resolution images and high speed processing make the inspection precise, detailed and immediate, bringing Viewtech to  the frontline of the quality control.